The Solution

As our partners meet with leaders in board rooms and executive suites across the country, the commonly emerged theme is this: Hiring Success is typically a 50/50 Proposition.

50/50 hiring outcomes usually have the following impact:

• Enterprise is at risk
• Mediocrity spreads throughout the organizational culture
• Employee morale decreases
• Employee turnover increases, with its resultant costs
• Personal brand equity of the hiring authority is damaged
• Untold opportunity costs
• Replacement cost of the failed hire once they flame out
• Negative effect on shareholder mindset
• Cannot move mind share, market share, bring ROI, or add EVA

Because you hired a reputable, name brand or specialized search firm, and the hiring outcomes did not match your usual business decision-making accuracy, you as a hiring executive may start to believe you are broken, not the search firm. After all, you hired a reputable, name brand or specialized firm. Rationalization and justification ensue in an effort to explain what happened:

  • We weren’t good clients
  • I didn’t set the specifications correctly
  • We didn’t interview well

At times hiring authorities default to internal candidates to mitigate risk because they believe there isn’t anything better out there. Yet, if internal candidates are “middle-of-the-bell-curve” then the outcome remains the same.



“Large and specialized search firms have too many clients and too many intertwined relationships, and, therefore, too many formal and informal off-limits situations that preclude them from going after the full range of top talent in the market… leading occasionally to bad hiring decisions.

Where do your candidates come from

WHAT’S THE SOLUTION? AccuSearch International


Tap into a genuine, sincere and authentic hiring strategy, predicated on rational business logic.

How is this an advantage to you? We agree to take on as clients no more than 3 to 5% of the enterprises in any given industry sector.

How does this translate to your success in hiring accuracy?

With our Select Client ApproachSM we have solved the problems of:

  • Too many clients
  • Too many intertwined relationships
  • Formal and informal off limits situations that preclude other firms from going after the full range of talent in the market

This means you will have access to nearly all of the top talent in the market. Your hiring success will go from 50/50 to 97% because you will be starting with a much greater pool of candidates from which to choose. We are not precluded from going after the very best candidates for your most important positions.


Seeking a better than 50/50 hiring success ratio?
Let ASI illuminate how you can achieve better than 97% hiring accuracy on a consistent basis.

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