As a leader, one of the most important challenges you undertake, and one of the riskiest – is making a hiring decision…

The reason you are in the chair in which you sit currently is because you have a history and track record of making good business decisions. And the expectation is you will.

Yet, the acquisition of talent to advance the mission and purpose of your enterprise is a complex process. In fact, we’ve identified 67 different elements that impact the hiring process.

Snake-Eyes-DiceAnd when it’s a key hire, there is much at stake.  With so much at stake, ideally you will partner with a search firm that:

  • is focused on your best interests
  • will tell you how the search industry was not designed for your best interests
  • is genuine, authentic and sincere
  • talks in terms of rational business logic, not how many searches they have performed, how many offices they have and how large they are

As an executive, you are well aware that if a hiring decision you make doesn’t go well, it can hurt the enterprise – even put it at risk; and such a hire can negatively impact your own personal brand equity – both inside and outside your enterprise, putting your career at risk.

Unfortunately, as other executives have shared with us, whether a hire turns out to be a good hire or a bad hire usually comes down to a roll of the dice. It’s a 50/50 proposition.

Seeking a better than 50/50 hiring success ratio?
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